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Sleep Disorders

If there is one thing that can broaden the smiles of pet parents, it is to see their pooches, always healthy and joyful!

Sound sleep is key to your dog’s overall health and quality of life. Your furry friends need more sleep hours than you – approximately 12 to 18 hours per day, depending on their age.

But, did you know that even dogs suffer from sleep disorders just like humans? This might be the reason why you’re struggling to put them off to sleep at night.

Knowing how to make a dog sleep can come in handy as a pet owner, especially if you are a pup parent. The go-to remedy is to create a better sleeping environment for them.

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However, the first crucial step is to understand the importance of dog sleep & figure out why your dog is having trouble sleeping through the night. Sleep disorders are a common cause of this.

Types of Dog Sleep Disorders
Sleep-deprived dogs tend to be stressed, or can even become aggressive and develop other behavioral issues.

To top that, your dog’s immune system can weaken due to lack of proper sleep, ultimately making them more vulnerable to infections.

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