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Campaigning to end animal cruelty
Animal Equality uses a broad range of strategic campaigns to ensure all animals are treated with compassion.
Selected campaigns
Leading effective campaigns to build a more compassionate world for animals.
Stopping the Killing of Baby Chicks
One of the most upsetting practices in animal farming is the killing of baby chicks within the egg industry. Since male chicks cannot lay eggs and are not the same breed of chicken used for meat, these baby animals are deemed worthless and are killed using extremely cruel techniques, such as gassing, suffocation, and electrocution.
Ending the Cat and Dog Trade
Fueled by a new investigation into China’s dog and cat meat and skin trade filmed in the country’s wet markets in May 2020, Animal Equality has exposed that the sale and slaughter of dogs and cats for consumption and retail continues, despite media reports and statements from China’s government proclaiming otherwise.
Gadhimai Festival
Since 2014, we have been actively campaigning to stop the brutal animal sacrifice at the Gadhimai festival, and our petition in 2019 gathered over 100,000 international signatures urging the Nepalese government to ban the slaughter of animals.
Ending false advertising
Animal Equality is working to bust the myth of “humane” factory farming by ridding the marketplace of deceptive claims. To do this, we need your help! Have you encountered an advertisement, product label, or other types of marketing material that seems false or misleading
Save a Lamb
Animal Equality has been investigating and exposing the cruelty inherent to the lamb industry in Italy since 2013. Five years of investigations and campaigns, as well as media exposure, have resulted in Italians significantly reducing their consumption of lamb meat.
Animal Equality uses cutting-edge virtual reality to inspire thousands of people to choose veg.
What can I do to help?
Become an Animal Protector
As an Animal Protector, you’ll be the first to know about powerful yet simple actions you can take to improve the lives of farmed animals.
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